Additional Gentle Yoga Class added!

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yoga type printA new Gentle Yoga series begins on Wednesday, February 17th!  Go to my events page for specific dates and registration information.

This 4 week series is an inclusive approach to the practice of hatha yoga which is appropriate for all experience levels and abilities. This practice is excellent for anyone who wants to safely incorporate yoga into their wellness routine. We will focus on a balanced approach to wellness covering all areas of the body promoting both mental and physical well-being. We will gently and mindfully awaken our bodies as we move with our breath. This is a great way to start your day or ground yourself after a hectic morning taking care of others.

Since this is an inclusive class that meets the student “where they are” in terms of experience and ability, it is great for beginners, those returning to their practice and those recovering from injury or illness. This is also an excellent class for those dealing with stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, mobility challenges due to joint replacement and disease such as arthritis. Students participate at their comfort and mobility level which may include staying seated in a chair for the entire class, standing with support or lying on the floor (reserved for those comfortable getting up and down off the floor independently). Individual experience is highlighted emphasizing feeling over form which allows students to let go of preconceived notions of how a pose should look. Instead we focus on the intent of the pose and how it feels in our bodies on a physical and energetic level.


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