Healthy New Year!


What a great time to reconnect with yourself! What is your heart’s desire? What’s standing in your way to living the life you desire? This would be a great time to round up your like-minded friends and kick off the New Year with this six week program.

This is an integrative program and I dare say is different than any you’ve encountered. We will cover nutrition, moving our bodies, improving energy, addressing sleep issues, stress management techniques and most importantly discussions on guilt free self-care. The groups will be limited in size to allow for one-on-one attention and interaction. Smaller group sizes also facilitate deep illuminating conversations and bonding between the members. We all support each other and hold each other accountable in safe non-judgmental environment. The intent of this program is to provide you with insight into your own personal road blocks to living the life you desire and the tools to remove those obstacles. While I believe it takes longer than six weeks to truly change behaviors, this program is also designed to set you up with tools and a support group that will carry you way beyond this six week program.

The program will include meeting as a group every other week. Group emails twice a week. Three one-on-One sessions which can be in person or over the phone. Group activity opportunities and field trips throughout the six weeks which will be tailored to the group’s interest.

CAUTION: Side effects may include a renewed lease on life, excessive smiling, improved relationships, weight loss, decreased blood pressure, increased energy and stamina.

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